You make it clinically effective. We help make it commercially successful.

The most important capability is knowing which capabilities to apply,
and when.

Communication Strategy

Brand strategy is at the core of everything we do. We help you gather insights, formulate a communication strategy, and create a multichannel roadmap for a successful brand launch.
Landscape assessment
We help define your market, prioritize your competition, and identify trends that will guide your clinical and commercial development plans.
Gap analysis
We objectively validate unmet needs and identify knowledge gaps within your target audience.
Message and lexicon development/testing
Early product differentiation requires a concise scientific and clinical lexicon. We craft a distinctive language landscape and belief continuum. Product attributes are differentiated, clearly articulated, and positioned.
Core curriculum development
We build a scientifically rigorous curriculum for use by internal and external stakeholders, ensuring consistency of key messages across all communication channels and vehicles.
Brand identity
It’s important to establish a brand identity in parallel with your communication strategy. This lets you get more out of your professional and consumer advertising, patient education, advocacy development, and payer/access initiatives.
Business intelligence
Our unique technology scours structured and unstructured data sources to extract all relevant information. From biomarkers and patents to trial designs and disease management strategies, we can find and analyze relevant data quickly and apply the insights to your brand strategy.
Custom consulting
Our proprietary semantic-learning and data-analytic tools, together with our strategic medical and scientific acumen, allow us to provide value across a wide range of assignments—from institutional identification and profiling to clinical trial capacity-modeling.

Opinion Leader Science

Effective and compliant opinion leader (OL) engagements require a well-designed plan, particularly in today’s heightened regulatory environment. Such planning has lacked precision—until now. With the introduction of Acuity™ we can optimize the process in objective ways never before possible. Our sentiment-analysis platform helps you establish a validated OL strategy and provides a benchmark to accurately track sentiment over time.
We identify established and emerging influencers with high specificity and relevance to your brand. This is made possible by our proprietary data-mining and relevance-screening tools, bibliometric analysis, peer-nomination surveys, and social media analysis.
Profiling and segmentation
We objectively score and segment influencers using objective criteria and fundamental attributes to learn the areas of focus of each key opinion leader, including how each works with your competition.
Sentiment analysis and message mapping
Determine who is truly aligned with your brand’s communication platform. Our computational linguists gauge individual and aggregated alignment, optimizing the effectiveness of your interactions with OLs.
Influence mapping
We identify and visualize wide-ranging networks of peer influence, creating ways to maximize the reach of your brand’s messages.
Engagement planning
Using primary and secondary research intelligence, we design OL engagements that make the best use of your resources.
TouchPoint Manager
You can view all past, present, and upcoming OL engagements in a compliant manner—and track relevant information in accordance with all regulatory compliance, including the Sunshine Act.

Market Shaping

You are not ready for the market until the market is ready for you. It is essential to establish an unmet clinical need and then communicate how your brand will fill the gap. Our in-house medical and scientific affairs team, together with our experienced marketing professionals, will help you create and communicate a clinically meaningful value proposition.
Disease education
Our multichannel market-shaping campaigns establish unmet clinical needs and communicate the complex pathophysiology that serves as the foundation for the value proposition of your brand.
Content-management systems
Data evolve rapidly. Our unique applications share and manage multimedia files, helping you maintain consistency of message and regulatory compliance.
Investigator engagements
Our integrated initiatives foster ongoing dialogue, identify best-practice standards, and create a sense of community among investigators.
Advisory initiatives
We design integrated advisory initiatives across all health care disciplines. We leverage our proprietary tools to interact with experts and obtain real-time feedback in a rapidly changing clinical and commercial landscape. We then assess the strategic implications for your brand.
Biomedical writing and editorial services
Our widely published team of biomedical science writers and medical editors helps research professionals and investigators disseminate emerging findings.
Payer/access strategy and consultation
Managed care is a product environment, not just a distribution channel. We help guide your market-shaping communication strategies in this key area.
Competitive intelligence
While our unique technology platform mines public data sources, our research analysts and medical strategists bring you intelligence from major scientific meetings and from interactions with OLs and other scientific experts.

Launch Planning and Support

From clinical success to business success, we design launch plans that enable your marketing budget to deliver strong results and measurable ROI.
Speaker training
We train speakers to convey the clinical value proposition of your brand in a compliant manner, and we train them to be educators, not just lecturers.
Sales and medical science liaison training
We use branching logic, clinical cases, self-study modules, and dynamic tools to reinforce key learnings.
Nonpersonal promotions
TargetReach™ is our proprietary multichannel communication platform that maximizes your ability to deliver the right message to the right target at the right time.
Peer-to-peer programming and speakers bureau management
Our technology-enabled speakers bureau services enable us to optimize faculty selection, audience recruitment, program execution, and compliance reporting, thereby maximizing ROI.
Managed markets initiatives
We help you identify the managed markets decision makers, design formulary kits, and develop AMCP dossiers and other collateral materials critical for maximizing the uptake of your brand.

What’s our specialty?

We have expertise in nearly every therapeutic area.

  • Cardiovascular

    Acute coronary syndrome | Arrhythmias | Atherosclerosis | Coagulation disorders | Heart failure/Cardiomyopathy | Hypertension | Peripheral artery disease | Pulmonary arterial hypertension | Stroke/Transient ischemic attack | Thrombosis

  • Dermatology

    Acne vulgaris | Actinic keratosis | Alopecia | Cutaneous warts | Onychomycosis | Psoriasis | Urticaria

  • Endocrinology

    Adrenal disease | Diabetes mellitus | Diabetes insipidus | Growth hormone deficiency | Lipid disorders | Obesity | Osteoporosis | Reproductive disorders | Thyroid disease

  • Gastroenterology/

    Acid peptic disease | Alcoholic liver disease | Cirrhosis | Esophageal disease | Hepatitis | Inflammatory bowel disease | Irritable bowel syndrome | Malabsorption syndromes | Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease | Pancreatic disease

  • Infectious Disease

    CNS infections | Endocarditis/Bacteremia | Fungal infections | Gastrointestinal infections | Herpes zoster | HIV/AIDS | Hospital-acquired infections | Human papillomavirus | Immunizations | Lyme disease | Meningococcal disease | Otitis media | Parasitic infections | Sexually transmitted diseases | Skin/Soft tissue/Bone infections | Tuberculosis | Upper and lower respiratory infections | Urinary tract infections | Viral infections (miscellaneous)

  • Neuroscience/

    Alzheimer’s disease | Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | Depression | Diabetic neuropathy | Fibromyalgia | Generalized anxiety disorder | Migraine | Multiple sclerosis | Obsessive-compulsive disorder | Pain management | Parkinson’s disease | Peripheral neuropathy | Restless legs syndrome | Schizophrenia | Seizure disorders | Sleep disorders | Substance abuse

  • Oncology

    Synapse has an entire division dedicated to Oncology.
    To learn more, click here or visit us at

    Carcinoma Brain/CNS | Breast | Colon | Head and neck | Kidney | Liver | Lung | Ovarian | Pancreas | Prostate | Skin | Stomach | Thyroid Leukemia Acute myeloid leukemia | Chronic lymphocytic leukemia | Chronic myelogenous leukemia | Myelofibrosis Lymphoma Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma | Indolent B-cell lymphoma | Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma | Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma | Hodgkin lymphoma | Mantle cell lymphoma Myeloma Multiple myeloma Sarcoma Kaposi sarcoma Supportive Care Anemia | Neutropenia | Oral mucositis | Xerostomia

  • Ophthalmology

    Age-related macular degeneration | Blepharitis | Cataract in adults | Conjunctivitis | Diabetic retinopathy | Dry eye disease  | Glaucoma

  • Respiratory

    Asthma/allergy | Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Cystic fibrosis

  • Rheumatology

    Ankylosing spondylitis | Gout | Osteoarthritis | Psoriatic arthritis | Rheumatoid arthritis | Scleroderma | Systemic lupus erythematosus

  • Urology

    Overactive bladder | Prostatic hyperplasia | Prostatitis | Urologic oncology

  • Other

    Anaphylaxis | Critical care | Pediatrics | Sexual dysfunction | Transplantation | Women’s health

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